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Thanks for stopping by! Hungry yet? We hope so, TasteWant is the place to be if your a food or drink lover, share your photos, videos (‘TWanting‘) or news (‘TWant Shouts’) with your friends, or make new friends along the way.

Discover awesome restaurants, food outlets, products or chefs, well my friend if you’re a foodie you’ve come to the right place.

We created TasteWant for one simple reason… WE LOVE FOOD! and we want to bring everyone together from around the world into one amazing, friendly foodie community, we’re based in London, UK.

TasteWant is completely free to join, you can create a profile as a Person, Company, Product or Chef.

Follow other members or use the search facility to find restaurants, food outlets, products and other ‘TWanters’ in your area, or see whats ‘TWant Trending’.

You can even go directly to a Companies Just Eat, Hungry House or Deliveroo page from their profile (if they’ve included it) and order their food, delivered directly to your door (how cool is that), and after it’s been delivered, why not ‘TWant’ it and make us all jealous of your fabulous finds.

Posting a ‘TWant’

We call posting a photo or video of your food or drink on TasteWant ‘TWanting’ or posting a ‘TWant’, create your own boards for particular categories and ‘TWant’ until your hearts content! ‘ReTWant’, like or comment other users ‘TWants’, don’t be shy.

Once you’ve registered, you’re see the ‘TWant’ button on the top right, click that and upload your photos from your phone, tablet or computer. OR add a web address from a foodie website and if by magic TasteWant will fetch images directly from that website and the description ready to share. All photos and videos will go straight onto our homepage for maximum impact directly into the TasteWant community.

Posting a ‘TWant Shout’

‘TWant Shouts’ are an awesome way to get your news heard, any user type can post a ‘TWant Shout’, you have 200 characters to play with so make them count (actually you can post as many ‘TWant Shouts’ as you please so go crazy!). Search ‘TWant Shout’s by location, you never know you might be right next to a restaurant that has a timely promotion. Or filter ‘TWant Shout’s by user type, like and comment.

Simply GET INVOLVED and have a fun time, your taste buds will thank you for it.

The future of TasteWant

There are a huge (and I mean huge) amount of new features planned for TasteWant which are going to make your mouth water and your fingers sore from browsing all the yummy photos and videos. So strap yourself in, TasteWant is here, it’s going to be a journey of culinary discovery and excitement for us all.


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We’re always looking for partnership opportunities, so feel free to drop us an email, we would love to hear from you. TasteWant is all about bring the foodie world together, come and chat to us: info@tastewant.com.