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21:21 pm | 29-Aug-17 | View Profile
Hi again Luke ! -- okie dokie, sounds good !!👍😊👍😊👍😊
@BakeLikeAPro Hi Mark, I hope your day is going well, www.TastePromote.com is live and you can register as an affiliate, however we are officially launching in the next week. Thanks again for all your support :)
Hi Luke ! I clicked on the link tastepromote.com but it takes me here..... is the site up and running yet.... I don't believe so .... just wanted to check with you.

We went Live on Twitter yesterday to cook Cajun Chicken, watch the whole video at www.Twitter.com/TasteWant We hope you enjoy it and share your version on TasteWant 🙂

10:52 am | 19-Aug-17 | View Profile | London

Visit Georgetown Foodland and see what our restaurants have to offer! www.GeorgetownFoodland.com

03:35 am | 14-Aug-17 | View Profile
It does look Amazing!

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