Karla from BakeCookDesignGirl.com: My experience using TasteWant

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Today we received an article from the awesome Karla at BakeCookDesignGirl.com telling us her experience about using TasteWant so far. We can’t thank Karla enough for her kind words and all her ‘TWants’ that she has posted on TasteWant including her low calorie Pancakes, healthy banana cake and many other delicious foodie creations (check out all of Karla’s posts at tastewant.com/bakecookdesign-com)

Karla’s experience using TasteWant:

My experience on TasteWant, TasteWant is a site similar to Pinterest and Twitter; it is a site where people are given the opportunity to upload their pictures of their food creations or even of what they have seen in other food establishments.

Since joining this web site it has given me the encouragement and the boost to improve myself and my craft. I am a trained chef by trade and I trained part –time where I worked my way up in the catering industry.  I worked in different sections in the kitchen and learned different skills. I have also worked with different chefs who have added something to my walk as a chef. Two of which I worked with who I admired them for their drive goal and ambition.

It is this year I decided to take a chance to start something new for myself I started a blog on low calorie cakes  and desserts called my blog page of low calorie cakes and desserts, as well as continue to cook dishes which I am passionate about as well, I love food and I love it when people like and enjoy my food too.

TasteWant is a suitable platform for those who want to show and share their cooking skills to people, it is a suitable platform for those who want to promote themselves on social media.. As well, as encourage others as you follow them as well .As I continue to upload my creations on TasteWant I hope my skill and craft would improve more as well as seeing new people who join and getting to see their work as well.

I recommend TasteWant because they promote and support the person who is a beginner, in this type of trade the catering industry has become very busy in terms of people uploading pictures etc.. So in today’s social media age we need to really stand out and TasteWant supports the beginner or anyone who is new to social media promotion.TasteWant I believe will grow from strength to strength and as they do I will continue  to support them also.

Karla from BakeCookDesignGirl.com