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Hi Everyone,
TasteWant is all about bringing the most innovative foodies, companies, products and chefs together, especially if you’re a start-up like us. Having a passion for food and drink and bringing your vision to life is the reason we started and we would love to hear your story.
We’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about SnackMaster and Tweeted them to see if we could hear more about their new foodie service and they were kind enough to share their story.
SnackMaster was started by Genna Kalish after leaving University with the aim of changing the way office workers eat and keep their energy levels up (usually a sugar fix and many a coffee). It’s super important to realise that this kind of snacking leads to sugar lows and mood swings.
To your team its a really awesome surprise that will ensure Mondays are heathy but most importantly, exciting. Most of the snacks we include would not have been heard of or tasted before. They also supply a huge range – a box for 10 people can have up to 50 different snacks!
The snacks they choose are found in Whole Foods and Planet Organic where the RRP is between £2 and £3.50. We supply 4/5 snacks for £5 so an amazing deal! No kit kats here. Every day they receive new deliveries from amazing brands. This week they sent delicious boxes full of Doisy and Dam chocolate, NOM popcorn, Hippeas puffs, energy balls, crispy seaweed, biltong, nut clusters, KIND bars, nakd bars, superseeds, fruit crisps, Hangry bars, Deliciously Ella energy bars, dynabites, Pana chocolate, protein balls and list goes on and on!
SnackMaster also love requests and feedback and each box is totally catered to your team. Some order a meat lovers box and some request only energy bars etc. Others love the Monday morning surprise. They’re are super flexible.
Besides the joy that a SnackMaster brings to an office, they choose snacks that will keep you energised and motivated. When the 11am and 4pm slump hit, SnackMaster want you to be prepared. As a result, productivity and retention rates increase. It’s such a simple way to keep the team happy and excited to wake up and go to work.
In fact, over half of SnackMaster’s clients have increased their subscription plan after receiving their first box because they loved it so much!
Their aim for the future is to ensure that a SnackMaster subscription becomes the norm across all offices.
Check out SnackMaster and get the best out of your workforce with awesome snacks.
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