TasteWant + Yelp + Deliveroo & more. The New TasteWant App Update is Here!

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TasteWant AppWe are pleased to announce a huge new update to our TasteWant iOS App, we now directly integrated with Yelp, with the ability to search nearby restaurants, takeaways, cafes, bars and much more. TasteWant will recoginise your location and even give you directions to the choices you have found through the Yelp Integration, with tens of thousands of foodie options, you’re now spoilt for choice.

Furthermore we have add an Order Food section within the App that links out to your favourite food delivery and discovery services such as Deliveroo, Domino’s, Tesco, OLIO and more, giving you a seamless journey from the TasteWant App to these services and back again.

Other new features include our TasteWant Marketplace where you can discover and buy food and drink related products from vendors and stores across the web, making food discovery even simpler. If you’re a food brand or producer you can even set up a shop and start selling your products in no time.

TasteWant Vouchers is also a new addition to the App, with a wide range of food and drink related vouchers, offers and sales, allowing companies to post their own promotions and track views and clicks of their campaigns. Ideal for increasing marketing awareness and generating opportunities, start posting your promotions today.

Food and drink related experiences and events can now been found through TasteWant Experiences, which is also a new addition to our iOS App.

New TasteWant App updates overview:
– Yelp Integration
– Order Food (Deliveroo, Dominos, Japan Centre, Tesco, OLIO, Gousto, Graze, SimplyCook and Taste Card)-
– TasteWant Marketplace Integration
– TasteWant Vouchers Integration
– TasteWant Experiences Integration

New additional App features:

– Social media logins
– Swipe screen to go backwards

We want to take food discover to the next level and we hope you enjoy the new updates, if you haven’t already you can download the TasteWant iOS App free today.

Remember if you’re a food blogger, food brand or restaurant you can post all your photos, videos, news and more completely free on TasteWant.

Thank you for all your continued support, this party has just started!

Thanks again!