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204 days ago / TasteWant
The Spice Kitchen Win Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards

Congratulations to Shashi, Sanjay and the team at the Spice Kitchen for winning a total of 3 gold stars at the recent Great Taste Awards.

The Spice Kitchen is a family run artisanal spice and tea company run by a mother and son team Sanjay & Shashi Aggarwal (aka Mamma Spice & Baby Spice!). The idea behind the Spice Kitchen started over the kitchen table on Christmas Day 2012, the business is centered around Shashi’s expertise and knowledge with spices and spice blends. From an idea to a much loved brand in the artisan food industry, they are now taking the UK by storm with their range of amazing spices, teas and much more.

Check out below the judges comments and the recognition the Spice Kitchen have just received at the Great Taste Awards:

“A really innovative spice mix, cleverly blended and the rose petals bring something to the party but that flavour could be upped slightly. The choice of spices is excellent, several of them identifiable although there are 15, creating a harmonious well rounded blend on the hot side of medium. It was excellent on chicken, though could readily make a good yoghurt dip.”
“A very fresh aroma with distinct notes of cinnamon and cardamom. The cooked spice has a real kick but some subtle notes coming through. A wonderful Ras El Hanout. Well made and with definition.”

“A gentle warming mix with a well-balanced spice profile. A fine aroma indeed from the dried spices and indeed the liquid mix, we like your choice of spices here and could see that working in cooking and in terms of mulling cider or wine.”

Sanjay commented that he is so so happy to have won the gold stars from the Great Taste Awards, and also he mentioned his amazing friend Katie Kenny from Squidges Bakery won 2 STARS for her delicious Turkish Delight cookies which includes the Spice Kitchen’s cardamom that they supply her!

Discover more of the amazing products the Spice Kitchen has to offer at: www.spicekitchenuk.com

338 days ago / TasteWant
TasteWant + Yelp + Deliveroo & more. The New TasteWant App Update is Here!

TasteWant AppWe are pleased to announce a huge new update to our TasteWant iOS App, we now directly integrated with Yelp, with the ability to search nearby restaurants, takeaways, cafes, bars and much more. TasteWant will recoginise your location and even give you directions to the choices you have found through the Yelp Integration, with tens of thousands of foodie options, you’re now spoilt for choice.

Furthermore we have add an Order Food section within the App that links out to your favourite food delivery and discovery services such as Deliveroo, Domino’s, Tesco, OLIO and more, giving you a seamless journey from the TasteWant App to these services and back again.

Other new features include our TasteWant Marketplace where you can discover and buy food and drink related products from vendors and stores across the web, making food discovery even simpler. If you’re a food brand or producer you can even set up a shop and start selling your products in no time.

TasteWant Vouchers is also a new addition to the App, with a wide range of food and drink related vouchers, offers and sales, allowing companies to post their own promotions and track views and clicks of their campaigns. Ideal for increasing marketing awareness and generating opportunities, start posting your promotions today.

Food and drink related experiences and events can now been found through TasteWant Experiences, which is also a new addition to our iOS App.

New TasteWant App updates overview:
– Yelp Integration
– Order Food (Deliveroo, Dominos, Japan Centre, Tesco, OLIO, Gousto, Graze, SimplyCook and Taste Card)-
– TasteWant Marketplace Integration
– TasteWant Vouchers Integration
– TasteWant Experiences Integration

New additional App features:

– Social media logins
– Swipe screen to go backwards

We want to take food discover to the next level and we hope you enjoy the new updates, if you haven’t already you can download the TasteWant iOS App free today.

Remember if you’re a food blogger, food brand or restaurant you can post all your photos, videos, news and more completely free on TasteWant.

Thank you for all your continued support, this party has just started!

Thanks again!


17th January 2017 / TasteWant
Rabbie at The Raj

We love Indian food here at TasteWant so we wanted to give a shout out the The Raj Restaurant in Edinburgh as they have got something special going down in January for Burn’s Night, check them out…

This January, Edinburgh’s favourite Indian restaurant, Tommy Miah’s The Raj, is celebrating Burn’s Night with a melding of Scotland and India.

The 25th will be a spicy affair at the restaurant in Blackhall, spearheaded by Scotland’s Curry King, Tommy Miah. The traditional supper of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties which is usually served to celebrate the bard’s birthday will be switched for Curried Haggis, Spiced Neeps and Bombay Tatties along with other Scottish staples that have been given a distinctly Asian twist.

“The three course menu is a fiery treat that has quite the kick but won’t blow your head off!” says Miah, who is always looking for new and innovative ways to present Indian food.

To avoid disappointment, it is suggested bookings are made in advance. £19.95 pp.

Following a successful 30 years in Leith, The Raj has relocated to Blackhall, Edinburgh. At The Raj you can expect extra ordinary tastes and flavours usually found in the palaces and high-homes of India and Bangladesh. The skilled chefs bring the cultures that have come together in Bombay — the Goans, Bengalis, Gujerafis, Mughals and Portuguese — for you now to relish in Edinburgh.

Back in 1986, the Raj restaurant was created around the idea of bringing the cuisine of the great city to Edinburgh. Today, The Raj’s menus reflect this ongoing exploration featuring the freshest seafood, chicken, and lamb, as well as plenty to please vegetarian palates. Their menus feature a wide variety of cooking techniques, from slow cooked curries to grills and kebabs as well as tandooris from the clay oven.

Check the Raj Restaurant out for yourself, it looks awesome!

14th November 2016 / TasteWant
Thank you SimplyCook! it’s Luke from TasteWant here, we got sent one of SimplyCook’s recipe boxes to review, which we will be doing over the next week. Also please follow us on www.Facebook.com/TasteWant as we try to go live there a few times a week. Have a great start to your week everyone and we look forward to seeing more of your amazing foodie photos and recipes :)
12th November 2016 / TasteWant
SnackMaster bringing you the snacks your business needs to succeed
Hi Everyone,
TasteWant is all about bringing the most innovative foodies, companies, products and chefs together, especially if you’re a start-up like us. Having a passion for food and drink and bringing your vision to life is the reason we started and we would love to hear your story.
We’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about SnackMaster and Tweeted them to see if we could hear more about their new foodie service and they were kind enough to share their story.
SnackMaster was started by Genna Kalish after leaving University with the aim of changing the way office workers eat and keep their energy levels up (usually a sugar fix and many a coffee). It’s super important to realise that this kind of snacking leads to sugar lows and mood swings.
To your team its a really awesome surprise that will ensure Mondays are heathy but most importantly, exciting. Most of the snacks we include would not have been heard of or tasted before. They also supply a huge range – a box for 10 people can have up to 50 different snacks!
The snacks they choose are found in Whole Foods and Planet Organic where the RRP is between £2 and £3.50. We supply 4/5 snacks for £5 so an amazing deal! No kit kats here. Every day they receive new deliveries from amazing brands. This week they sent delicious boxes full of Doisy and Dam chocolate, NOM popcorn, Hippeas puffs, energy balls, crispy seaweed, biltong, nut clusters, KIND bars, nakd bars, superseeds, fruit crisps, Hangry bars, Deliciously Ella energy bars, dynabites, Pana chocolate, protein balls and list goes on and on!
SnackMaster also love requests and feedback and each box is totally catered to your team. Some order a meat lovers box and some request only energy bars etc. Others love the Monday morning surprise. They’re are super flexible.
Besides the joy that a SnackMaster brings to an office, they choose snacks that will keep you energised and motivated. When the 11am and 4pm slump hit, SnackMaster want you to be prepared. As a result, productivity and retention rates increase. It’s such a simple way to keep the team happy and excited to wake up and go to work.
In fact, over half of SnackMaster’s clients have increased their subscription plan after receiving their first box because they loved it so much!
Their aim for the future is to ensure that a SnackMaster subscription becomes the norm across all offices.
Check out SnackMaster and get the best out of your workforce with awesome snacks.
If you want your foodie product or company featured free on TasteWant drop us an email info@tastewant.com 
7th November 2016 / TasteWant
Fork it! Let’s eat real food – The Food Assembly’s Blog

We want to give a shout out to our friends at The Food Assembly doing a great job enabling the general public to purchase high-quality food while supporting small-scale producers, who create jobs and foster social well-being.

Starting in France, and now a movement across Europe, there are more than 700 Assemblies have opened in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Check out The Food Assembly and get involved!
24th October 2016 / TasteWant
Extend your brands reach with TasteWant

It’s now even easier to get your food and drink related brand and service in front of thousands of relevant people and at the same time be a part of a thriving community from across the globe.

Add a free company or product profile to TasteWant and create a stunning page with all your branding, contact details and links to your website and other major social network profiles. 

Real time, location based updates

You can post real time location based news (TWant Shouts) which can be promotions, news, testimonials, product launches or anything you would like to share with the TasteWant community. You can even create boards to segment your content into particular categories such as recipes, products, services, promotions to gain new followers and create specific campaigns.

We will actively help promote your brand across all our other social media channels (including our Twitter profile with over 17,000 followers).

Go mobile with the TasteWant App

Our new TasteWant iOS App makes it even easier to promote your brand as you can post TWant Shouts if you have a time and location restricted promotion, you can target the right people at the right time, you can also add hyperlinks in your posts to drive traffic back to your website or other destinations.

Increase your SEO with TasteWant

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also a major advantage of posting your content on TasteWant, as we already have thousand of posts containing food and drink related keywords which will help boost your SEO ranking and it’s completely free.

We know continuously posting content can be time consuming so we’ve created a fetch feature where you simply have to put a URL in, click fetch and we will import the feature image of your content, a title, a small piece of teaser text and link directly back to that page, it couldn’t be easier.

Repurpose your Instagram content

If you’re a regular Instagram user for your brand, why not repurpose your images on TasteWant, because unlike Instagram we allow hyperlinks directly in your posts (as we mentioned above), this will allow you to utilise your existing content to increase engagement on TasteWant, and give our members the opportunity to discover amazing food and drink related businesses like yours.

Your YouTube and other videos posted in a flash

Using our fetch feature, you can quickly fetch your brands videos from your favourite video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, this again will allow you to repurpose your video content to the TasteWant community to increase views, engagement and SEO.

Hashtag your campaigns

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement, segment campaigns and create a buzz around your brand on TasteWant. With both TWants and TWant Shouts you can use Hashtags to maximise and enhance your campaigns. We even have TWant Trending which is the current hashtags trending on TasteWant.

TasteWant’s design suite

We also have a free design suite integrated into TasteWant www.TasteWant.com/Design so you can create stunning designs, use filters and overlay text on your images to make them look even more spectatular in your campaigns.

We’re just getting started

We already have thousands of visitors per month and with the recent release of our TasteWant mobile App there are no signs of slowing down. We have a wide range of new features on our road map and collaborations and integrations with some of the worlds most popular and innovative food and drink related companies and solution providers.

We suggest you join TasteWant early and make your brand an influencer on our increasingly growing platform and we will help you every step of the way.

It’s quick and easy to join TasteWant and if you have any questions or would like to partner with us please feel free to contact us on info@tastewant.com

The journey starts here…

23rd October 2016 / TasteWant
The TasteWant App is Live!

Hi everyone,

It’s Luke here the founder of TasteWant and I want to say a massive thank you to you all for your continued support over the past year.

It’s taken a lot longer than expect to get the TasteWant App ready to launch but we got there in the end, so I hope you can download it and give your feedback. 

This is just the beginning as we have a huge road map of new features and awesome companies we are partnering with, bringing together the very best  food community experience we can.

We will soon put some how to videos together for the TasteWant App, we have kept all the awesome features in the app such as location based foodie updates (TWant Shouts) the ability to create boards of recipes and fetch content from other websites (TWants). We also have the Top TWanters section (so get posting and become a foodie influencer) all in a completely redesigned mobile app format.

We can’t wait for you to try it and send us any feedback to info@tastewant.com 

Download the TasteWant App today.

Thank you again, you’re all awesome!

Luke 🙂

12th July 2016 / TasteWant
The Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo 2016

We love innovation here at TasteWant especially in the food and drink industry, therefore we’re happy to share the latest press release from the Takeaway Innovation Expo happening on 27th & 28th September 2016 in London. We highly recommend you attend, there is a wide range of events on the day, check out the latest press release about this awesome foodie event:

Since the last Takeaway Innovation Expo took place the show has become even bigger in size, so we need to tell you all about the changes we’ve made ahead of the next edition, taking place at ExCeL London on the 27th and 28th September 2016.

First of all, we’ve given the exhibition a new look and feel. Now known as the Takeaway & Restaurant _12A1036 (Large)Innovation Expo, the website has had a complete overhaul, making information and content easier to find than ever before.

From July onwards the all-new Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo Newsletter will be available. Including all the latest show updates, developments, exhibitor & speaker information, blogs, press releases, exclusive show offers and industry news, you can subscribe to the quarterly Newsletter on here.

Now onto September’s show. Alongside its 150 expert speakers, 300 leading suppliers, workshops, panel sessions, are four amazing new features that take the show’s interactivity, education, and innovation to a new level. These features are:

The Drinks Zone, which will be home to some of the most cutting edge and inspiring concepts and developments in drinks products and supplies; The Delivery Zone, an area dedicated to delivery that includes suppliers of the transport to get your food to the hungry customer and the packaging to keep it safe in the process; The Cooking Theatre, which provides live demonstrations of the numerous tools, equipment, and devices on show; and The Food Talk Radio Show, which aims to promote the work of food tech in the UK and publicise growing trends in the food sector.

Plus, Networking opportunities with over 5,000 professionals. The show is renowned for providing unparalleled networking opportunities for takeaway and restaurant owners and investors, and this year’s event offers you the greatest opportunity yet to make those vital new connections throughout the industry.

Over both days of the show, you will be provided with a networking platform that’s unparalleled in scope, diversity, and opportunities to build new relationships with industry professionals from all over Europe, as well as developing your professional knowledge, passing on your own industry insight, and securing a business spark that only networking can provide.

And the Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards recognise the food _12A1183 (Large)profession’s most progressive innovators. Across four awards, each nominee is behind a product or service that is breaking boundaries in the food sector.

Our nominees will compete within their categories to make the best pitch of the session and earn the title of ”Innovator”, with the winner being announced at the end of each session. It`s a great opportunity for our nominees to boast to our judges why they are the most innovative, but our Innovations Awards are also a fantastic spectator event. Every pitch is made in front of a live audience and with the stakes so high, it makes for an exciting spectacle. Not only is it an entertaining break from the bustle of the show floor, but our Innovation Awards is also a unique opportunity for the audience to pick up tips for when they’re ready to step up and change the industry.

Aside from these exciting new additions and features, you can also expect to find the show’s usual line up of fantastic industry authorities and innovators, who will provide you with the chance to hear how the biggest brands in the country keep growing and achieving. From the likes of:

• Graham Corfield: MD of JUST EAT. Be recognize and ensure success
• Ajmal Mushtaq: Mushtaq Restaurants. UK’s leading authority on restaurants and takeaways. How to boost your takeaway profit
• Mark McCulloch: WE ARE Spectacular. 15 years’ experience in brand, marketing, digital, social and PR
• Andrew Emmerson: Hotcha. How to build a national takeaway chain
• Griff Holland: Friska.

This year sees the introduction of two brand new sister shows: Restaurant Tech Live, which presents the technological products and services transforming the dining experience, and the Restaurant Design show, which is aimed at the current and future trends in restaurant, bar, and café interior design. There’s also the return of Street Food Live, the show for street food vendors looking to start or grow their business.

The Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo will appear at ExCeL London on the 27th & 28th of September 2016. For more information on the show and how you can get your free tickets, visit www.takeawayexpo.co.uk

21st June 2016 / TasteWant
Add your Foodie Videos on TasteWant

Are you a video food blogger with a channel on YouTube or Vimeo, if so we would love for you to share your videos on TasteWant, it’s as simple as copying the url of your video and pasting it into the TasteWant Fetch feature along the top of the website and clicking Fetch (www.TasteWant.com/how-to).

In a matter of seconds you can share your videos with thousands of TasteWant visitors, giving you lots of extra views of your foodie videos and there will be a direct link back to your channel.  Any adverts you have on your videos will also be shown on TasteWant, giving you an additional revenue stream.

Check out some of the awesome foodie videos already shared on TasteWant www.TasteWant.com/videos

It takes a minute to join TasteWant (www.TasteWant.com/signup) and start posting your foodie videos and photos straight away.

What are you waiting for start posting your foodie videos today on TasteWant.

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